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A number of strategic triple helix partners are part of Green Tech Center.

INSERO, Lysholt Erhverv og CASA are private stakeholders who build the Green Tech House, Green Tech Lab, Green Tech Park, and the framework for the area's Living Labs. In addition, they manage the house and coordinate numerous projects and customer / investor match activities .


Vejle Kommune is a public partner and contribute with knowledge, network and entrepreneurship. They are partner in a series of joint projects on the operation and development of GreenTechCenter in relation to climate and industry.

Syddansk Universitet has joined research and development projects around the Smart Grid system management, both nationally and internationally.

Syddansk Erhvervsskole operates their technology center with courses and projects in the electrical and plumbing industry from GreenTechCenter.

Dansk Industri collaborates with Green Tech Center, on generating growth, exports and jobs in green technology specifically for entrepreneurs and small / medium businesses.


Dansk Energi collaborates with Green Tech Center on the legislative and regulatory areas compared to intilligent energy.

Lean Energy Cluster is the cluster of Region Syddanmark for the efficiency of energy consumption and smart energy systems .


Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt is a higher education institution which conducts vocational and practice-based education and development projects and work with companies locally, nationally and internationally.

DSE Airport Solutions (Insero Software) is a software developer with extensive experience from the airport world which holds great competence to engage in energy ICT projects.


EWII is the largest energy supplier in the Triangle Region and therefore a natural partner in all Green Tech Center energy and big data projects


INSERO Energy is a consulting and advisory firm focused on the utilization of renewable energy within the earth and solar energy.


INSERO E-mobility is Denmark's cluster of e-mobility.


INSERO Science Academy develops and offers training in ICT.




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