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The key to the future

Cooperation and knowledge shared across businesses, public authorities and educational institutions provide the best conditions for the production of new knowledge.

Therefore, Green Tech Center has implemented this three-dimensional element to guarantee companies the best possible conditions for development.


At the heart of Green Tech Center is Open Innovation. It’s all about creating competitive benefits that individual companies cannot obtain on their own. It brings together people with different professional backgrounds, and the meeting between different disciplines creates the ability to think creatively.

Next, the consumer is involved in the innovation process itself. This can be done by allowing the consumer to relate to and comment on the various stages of the innovation process, or by allowing them to test the renewable energy platforms in Green Tech Park.


The Triple Helix cooperation creates:

  • Growth and jobs
  • Specialization
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Increased innovation
  • Economic growth
  • More entrepreneurship

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