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Competence & Employee Development

The Energy field is constantly growing and it is expected that in the coming years we will see a significant increase in the focus on renewable energy.

In eth education and employment field, there will be given higher priority in the energy sector, which means that the future jobs lies here.

In the years to come there will be a need both to hire more employees and partly implement competency of staff to handle the new technology.


Against this background, Job Centre Vejle established close cooperation with Green Tech Center.

Green Tech Center is experimenting with sustainable and intelligent energy with the aim of developing new renewable energy products that contribute to the creation of new jobs.


Job Centre Vejle in Green Tech Center offers along with University College Lillebælt and Southern College and a large network in the energy efficient coaching to area businesses.

The sparring may help in the creation of a new business where upgrading of training or skills  is needed to realize a business idea.




Jeanette Kristensen, +45 2912 6090,


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