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Resilience from Vejle to all cities worldwide

Resilience Lab Denmark is a brand new co-operation based on knowledge and development to prepare cities all over the world for catastrophies

During this summer a brand new organization has been formed in Green Tech Center.


Resilience Lab Denmark is based on a close and innovatory co-operation between Insero Software, Vejle spildevand, Vejle Kommune, Via University Center, Syddansk Universitet and Green Tech Center.


In co-operation with relevant companies and a rapidly growing network of knowledge institutions and decision-makers, Resilience lab Denmark is going to spread the knowledge of Danish know-how within supply security to the future large cities. The fact is that the urban communities are getting more and more vulnerable due to the increasing population, digitalization and extreme wether phenomena as a result of climatic changes. A lot of places the emergency plans only exist digitally. 


The headoffice of Resilience lab Denmark will be placed in Green Tech Center and thus in the Rockefeller Foundation's first Danish "recilient city" Vejle that has been chosen to show the cities of the world new directions towards resilience.


Resilience lab Denmark is sending a delegation to New York to develop new innovatory ideas with American decision makers and experts in the field.The delegation participates at the same time in the opening of Danish Green Tech Hub NYC.


Resilience Lab Denmark's first mission will be the anticipation of future data failure and flooding by doing a 1:1 scenario - a simulation of Vejle in 2050.



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