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Demand-Response experts visiting Green Tech Center

Experts from the American Berkeley Lab, University of California and Open ADR Alliance attended the workshop OpenADR arranged by SDU and hosted by Green Tech Center on 28 September

SDU is a front-runner in Denmark regarding Demand-Response - the development of intelligent energy systems to ensure a stable capacity of the grid. A stability which may be challenged when, in a not too distant future, most of our energy will come from renewable sources.


Together with the two American experts, Ms Mary Ann Piette, Division Director with Berkeley Lab and Mr Rolf Bienert, Technical Director with OpenADR Alliance - some of the leading capacities in this area were gathered for the workshop at Green Tech Center.


Among other things, the workshop was focussed on the project 'Management of the demand-response capacity from industrial and commercial buildings' where Green Tech Center is a partner together with Syddansk Universitet and Insero. Learn more about the project here.


In connection with the workshop the two American experts gave a presentation on Demand-Response from a commercial as well as a research perspective. Here we got an interesting insight in the development of Demand-Response, the challenges in connection with ADR and the many opportunities in the future of Demand-Response.


Please go to Insero's website to see video interviews from the workshop in Green Tech Center med Mary Ann Piette og Rolf Bienert. 


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