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Micro Grid Living Lab

Micro Grid Living Lab is a living laboratory where small to large enterprises have the opportunity to develop and test products and services that are part of the future Smart Grid solutions - both nationally and internationally. The lab is connected to the regional and national electricity and heat networks.

Unique test and demonstration facilities for

large and small businesses

Although many large companies have their own test and demonstration facilities, the companies are typically targeted at their unique product and may not test against other products in a Smart Grid network. At the same time, few of the smaller companies have their own testing facilities.

Micro Grid Living Lab therefore provides large and small businesses with new opportunities to:


  • Develop and test new products in collaboration with researchers
  • Set up, insert, connect and install, and test their product (s) in a preestablished Micro Smart Grid system along with other products facing the end users
  • Test if the products function in the future Smart Grid system
  • Provide products with a mark of quality in relation to customers


Project period

September 2012 - December 2014. Micro Grid Living Lab is the first phase in the construction of Green Tech Center.


Grant authority


Companies behind Micro Grid Living Lab


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