Scale Up Denmark

Are you ready to take a next step up the ladder?

Scale Up Denmark is an ambitious growth programme for start ups and small entreprises - a growth program which will create the great companies of tomorrow.


Scale Up Denmark is funded by the Danish regions and Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. Together with Insero Green Tech Center is part of Scale Up Denmark for energy efficient technologies.


We are looking for companies that:

  • work with energy efficient technologies, energy production and/or storage, smart energy etc.
  • see new market opportunities, new products, new business strategies etc.
  • need financing/investments to grow
  • have potential to become the new Scale Up Denmark

As part of Scale Up Denmark for energy efficient technologies, you will become part of an ambitious accelerator programme focusing on product and market, growth plans and investor meetings - tailored for your company. You will have a team of specialists and mentors at your disposal as your sounding board and the opportunity to pitch for investors. An accelerator programme runs for 5-6 months.


Find more details here (in Danish)


If you choose to be part of the Scale Up environment in Green Tech Center you will get:

  • Access to a number of test and demonstration facilities
  • Access to live labs
  • Access to an exciting and valuable network
  • Access to investors
  • Access to data from energy platform
  • Access to international networks and desks
  • Access to a daily working life with many ”colleagues” to use for idea generation


See more here


We will implement a Scale Up course once a year for the next three years.


Do you qualify for the programme?

  • Your company must have a maximum of 250 employees and your annual turnover may not exceed 50 mio EUR or your annual balance may not exceed 43 mio EUR
  • Your company must have a large growth potential
  • You must commit 100 % to the Scale Up programme - that means:
    • Participation in 6 camps
    • Monthly meetings with the team at your disposal (specialists within innovation, team, technology, business and marketing and knowledge of networks including other companies, knowledge institutions etc. which can be of use to your company)
    • Continuous dialogue with your contact person


Please apply here (in Danish) - if you are interested.


If you have questions - please contact Christian Nielsen from Insero at +45 4177 0140 or Dorthe Bramsen Clausen from Green Tech Center at +45 2332 5549.



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